Web video can communicate and inspire.  Better yet, it leads viewers to take actions that matter to you – donating, giving you their business, buying your product, visiting your Web site, spreading your message.  MiniMatters creates easy, cost-effective online video solutions focused on results.

This Is the Future

When you integrate Web-based videos with effective marketing, you open a world of opportunity for your organization, business, or cause.

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Video Production

MiniMatters creates short videos, filmed and edited especially for the Web, that tell compelling stories and drive people to action.

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Smart Video Distribution

MiniMatters helps craft video distribution strategies, provides technical support, trains your staff, and measures video achievements.

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Why Choose MiniMatters?

MiniMatters is different from other companies because we:

  • Focus on Web video, which has unique technical requirements, constraints, and opportunities.
  • Integrate video with your marketing strategy.
  • Tell great stories that help you engage your audiences and achieve results.
  • Leverage your video on your Web Site, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media
  • Make things easy
  • Price our services to suit your bottom line.

Web Video Marketing and Production

MiniMatters is a Web video marketing and production company that serves associations, foundations, businesses, and partners mainly in Washington, DC; Maryland; and Virginia. Through short, effective online videos, MiniMatters helps you with marketing, fundraising, training, events, and corporate communications. MiniMatters also provides video analytics and will help you distribute your videos strategically via your Web site, YouTube, and other social media.

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